Tandemtracks Promotions

“Working together, side by side with artists.”

Tandemtracks Promotions was founded with the philosophy of working together, side by side with artists. We are true believers that the sum is greater than it’s parts and passion, teamwork and great ideas are crucial to move those parts forward effectively.

Tandemtracks Promotions was founded in 2007 by Oscar Furtado with now over 13 years in the music industry. Tandemtracks is a full-service commercial radio promotions company focusing on the Canadian market. We build campaigns that are specific to each client’s needs. The main goal is to build further familiarity, via commercial radio, for an artist/band to increase their value which will result in an increase in opportunities.

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Our Team:

Oscar Furtado

  • Founder/Director of National Radio Promotions (Canada)


Jennifer Born

  • Business Development Coordinator/Accounting


Tim Langley

  • Webmaster


Jude Brown

  • Marketing/Social Media Consultant